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Fail-Safe tamper proof, robust speed limiting system for universal application (Electro Mechanical & Drive-by-wire)

Our bespoke GPS system for your tracking needs. We provide complete monitoring and alerts along with detailed report generation based on your requirements.

Combining our Vehicle Control and Tracking Modules, we provide intelligent speed restrictions based on user set parameters like area, time of the day, road speed limits and more.

Tech Spec
Tech Spec

1. Real Time Tracking – Location and Sensor Parameters and Reports

2. GeoFencing – Alerts while entering/leaving/changing zones

3. Speed Reports – Detailed speed reports
Alerts based on High Speed
Alerts based on idle time

4. Grouping of vehicles – Vehicles can be grouped by creating a set of vehicles within that group – alerts and reports can be configured for the same.

5. Ignition Status – Integrated in Reports and can be set up for alerts.

6. Maps – integration with 5 different map api’s –
Google Normal Maps
Google Satellite Maps
Google Terrain Maps
Yandex Maps
OpenStreet Maps

– Mark Custom Locations

– Mark routes

7. Ability to fetch location and address from Location

8. Reports – any and all parameters from the list below can be configured to generate reports according to the rule setup –
Periodic Reports containing all parameters
Distance Reports
Speed Reports – Over speed, daily average etc
Location based reports – Geofence
Fuel Tracking and mileage tracking
Battery Voltage Monitoring

9. SOS Button

10. Immobilizer


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Tech Spec