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Single Channel dieseltronic

DieselTRONIC Single Channel: (INR 19,999/-)

The Single Channel DieselTRONIC primarily controls the fueling of your vehicle providing you with optimized fuel flow throughout your drive on highways or within the city. Performance gains with the unit would be up to 25% above stock.

Dual channel DieselTRONIC

DieselTRONIC Dual Channel: (INR 26,000/-)

The Dual Channel controls both the fuelling as well as the turbo boost not only optimizing fuel flow but also effectively minimizing the general engine turbo lag that builds over time. Performance gains with the unit would be up to 30% above stock.

DieselTRONIC Off-Road

DieselTRONIC Off-road: (INR 22,000/-)

The DieselTRONIC Off-road version is particularly designed for the Mahindra Thar/Roxor and provides your vehicle with up to a 25% increase in both Power and Torque. The unit comes pre-tuned and with four modes including an Easy Crawler mode to help you get through the slushy terrains. 

DieselTRONIC Remote Control

The DieselTRONIC comes with 4 maps, which means 4 modes of driving. You can toggle between these modes using a remote. The 4 maps are:

P1 mode – Best suited for everyday use. It provides an increase between 20 to 25% in the Power and Torque.

P2 mode – Best suited for highway use. It provides an increase between 25 to 30% in the Power and Torque making takeovers, a piece of cake. 

E mode – also known as the Economy mode, is best suited for use during those heavy traffic jams. For the Off-road version, this is the Easy crawl mode suitable for slushy terrains. 

S mode – where the S stands for Stock. It runs your vehicle in the stock mode or the factory mode.


1. Does it increase my vehicle’s mileage?

             While the mileage heavily depends on your driving style and also the age of the engine, we have observed and have received feedback from our customers of an improvement in the mileage by 3-4 km/liter after installing the DieselTRONIC.

2. Where do I get it installed?

              We have dealers across the country that can assist you with the purchase and installation of the DieselTRONIC. You can reach out to Mr. Damodhar through +91 88677 77566 and he shall be happy to guide you through.

3. Does it void my engine’s warranty?

              Since the DieselTRONIC is a plug-n-play system, installing it does not affect the warranty of your vehicle.

4. Does the unit harm my engine?

              The DieselTRONIC is designed and developed using our dynamometers to perform well within the safety limits of your engine. Installing it does not                      harm the engine or its life.


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