The DieselTRONIC is a performance and economy enhancing engine control unit (ECU), conventionally referred as Diesel Tuning Box for vehicles that are powered by common rail diesel (CRDI) engines. Manufactured with automotive grade electronics, backed with patented technologies and advanced enhancements such as ADSL (Adaptive-Self Learning) that understands the driving style and adapts the maps to enhance and deliver just what you need, complemented with the options of 4 different maps that are switchable by remote-control on the fly, it is a system that stands apart from everything else


FuelX pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps to choose from based on the mods on the motorcycle. FuelX Pro also comes with a handlebar map switch in the box which can be used to switch between the 10 on-board autotune maps on the fly at any speeds, any where and at any time


The Dual Channel controls both the fuelling as well as the turbo boost not only optimizing fuel flow but also effectively minimizing the general engine turbo lag that builds over time. Performance gains with the unit would be up to 30% above stock


The DieselTRONIC Off-road version is particularly designed for the Mahindra Thar/Roxor and provides your vehicle with up to a 25% increase in both Power and Torque. The unit comes pre-tuned and with four modes including an Easy Crawler mode to help you get through the slushy terrains