On the primary level, The  Intelligent Vehicle Management System (IVM) is a system that creates a platform where ‘Connectivity and Intelligence’ on any or many vehicles can be established. 

Consumers in today’s world, especially those purchasing vehicles for fleet or vehicle sharing applications have a need to add a host of features to their vehicles that are essential for their operations, such as tracking, vehicle health monitoring, preventive diagnosis, etc.

The IVM enables such businesses to acquire any type of vehicles, and add any type of functionality that is required, without being constricted by the limitations of the vehicle manufacturer or a functionality service provider.

Special functions:

  • Helmet theft detection.
  • Fuel level 
  • Theft detection (with dedicated sensors)
  • Computation of the engine/ health of the PowerTrain
  • User riding/driving profile
  • Advanced Maintenance predictions

The system is applicable to all types of the PowerTrain packages including Petrol, Diesel, Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

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