Fuel flow meter

In the automotive industry, measuring the flow of fuel consumed by a vehicle in real-world conditions is an absolute necessity and hence demands superior instrumental performance amidst various environmental challenges including heat & vibration that are generally present in the field. 

One of the biggest struggles of any automotive service centers is to estimate the fuel consumption of a customer’s vehicle to determine the overall mileage and state of tune. Traditional methods are slow, tedious, and often proved to be inaccurate. In order to ensure customer satisfaction and retention, appropriate testing methods should be adopted. The Fuel Flowmeter version A, provided by us has proven to be precise, accurate, and safe. 

Integrated with our years of research and experience in the automotive electronics sector, the FFM Version A computes the amount of fuel consumed by a vehicle through advanced algorithms, that have proven reliability, without having to interfere with the engine fuel hoses, thereby guaranteeing a safe use. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Indication In

          i) Total Fuel Consumed ii) Instantaneous Fuel Consumption

  • Test duration 
  • Compact user interface unit
  • Mounting clamps for diesel flow sensor   
  • Quick installation           
  • Built in diesel fuel filter
  • Advanced measurement algorithm         
  • Imported gear flow sensors with stainless steels internals and ceramic/sapphire bearings

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