Vehicle TRacker and Pollution MONITORING system

The Vehicle Tracker and Pollution Monitoring System (VTPM) is an environmental pollution measuring system integrated with vehicle tracking system, which enables the necessary functions of vehicle tracking (AIS-140 compliant) along with integrated pollution measuring module that measures in real-world.

Conventional pollution monitoring systems are usually expensive and cumbersome to use, and they measure pollution at secondary points such as off the road, one the sidewalk, below bridges, etc. where the pollutants are quite diluted, averaged and may not represent the real values.

The VTPM measures these parameters in the actual area of origin of some of such pollutants, which is on the road, which means the data is precise and real-time.

In addition to true measurement at the right location, the data is sent to a server and using advanced data science, would enable a city-wide pollution information database with trend estimation, transport and city planning, weather forecast, etc. The device also has functions to handle conditions such as sensor drift, calibration, firmware update, etc.

Some of the main features include:
 i) Vehicle tracking system integrated with pollution monitoring system
ii) AIS-140 compliant tracking functions
iii) Live measurement of pollution such as  
  • Particulate matter (particle size in uM – 0.3m 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10)   
  • Temperature   
  • Humidity   
  • Pressure  
  • Nitrogen-dioxide   
  • Carbon monoxide   
  • Sulphur dioxide  
  • Ozone

iv) Product is weather resistant and is installed on the vehicle exterior, ex, roof or boot. True pollution of the environment of the vehicle is captured.
v) Connected to server. Live tracking, over-the-air updates of parameters and firmware.

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