A dynamometer , or a dyno, is a tool that primarily measures the horsepower and torque of a vehicle/powertrain, with an option to measure additional range of quantities related to the engine, such as top speed, gear ratios, transmission slip, endurance, air fuel ratio, engine temperature, etc.

We design and develop dynamometers (to custom specifications as well), not only to test and verify our products but also to provide it as a product itself – be it an environmental test cell, or a motorsport rolling road.

Scroll down to understand more about the various types of rolling road options that we provide across the nation!

DYNA-RD (B300)

Motorcycle Dynamometer

Power Measurement Capability:

Max Horsepower: 300 Whp

Max Speed: 300 Km/Hr   

DYNA-RD (CS1000)

Car Dynamometer (Pit/ Floor mounted)

Power Measurement Capability:

Max Horsepower: 300 whp

Max Speed: 300 km/hr


All Wheel Dynamometer With Motorcycle Compatibility

Power Measurement Capability:

Max Speed: 300 km/hr

4 Wheel Drive Mode- Max Power: 1500 WHP

2 Wheel Drive Mode- Max Power: 1000 WHP

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