Tracklogic is a Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Remote Data Acquisition hardware designed to meet every requirement.

Superior internal antennas for both cellular and GPS eliminate the need for wired antennas and make the device mountable virtually anywhere in the vehicle for easy, inexpensive installations – where, GPS records the location, date, time, speed and distance at regular intervals and the Event Management Module records different events of the vehicle. GSM transmits the GPS and event data to central server at pre-configured intervals.

Popular Uses:
  • -Fleet Management – Track your fleet easily.
  • -Investigators and Law Enforcement – Get the real-time location evidence you need.
  • -Vehicle Owners – Use for vehicle theft and recovery efforts.

Features and Benefits:

● Accurate Location Updates
● Quick GPS latch ON time
● On- board battery – standby up to 6 hours
● On- board memory – holds up to 5 hours of data in case of no GSM network, hence no loss of data
● Precision positioning
● Web-Based Tracking – No software to install, view location data from any web browser
● Track multiple devices on a Single Account – Perfect for fleet management
● Extremely Accurate – Utilizes GPS and GSM Cell Towers for accurate location data
● Detailed Reporting – View, Save, and Print detailed driving history up to 30 days
● Water- resistant- IP 65 compliant

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