FuelX White BG



FuelX is a state of the art electronic, plug-in, fuel-injection optimizer for modern engines. It Autotunes the engine to best operational parameters, constantly monitoring, learning, and adapting to the engine condition, wear and tear, riding style, add-ons (such as air filter and/or exhaust), etc as well as the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude, etc. always ensuring the engine performs in the safest and most optimal zones

FuelX Pro

FuelX pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps to choose from based on the mods on the motorcycle. FuelX Pro also comes with a handlebar map switch in the box which can be used to switch between the 10 on-board autotune maps on the fly at any speeds, any where and at any time

FuelX Lite

FuelX Lite comes with a single autotune map, which auto adapts to the external weather conditions, mods on the motorcycle and altitude level